What they're saying about Tony

The following people who have played key roles in the life of Tony Kruse offer their thoughts on Tony, as his ordination approaches:

  • Angie (White) Kruse (mother): I wasn’t surprised when Tony decided to enter the seminary. He always had a certain quality about him that made one think he had a vocation. As a youngster he loved going to church. Holy Week was especially meaningful to him. He wouldn’t miss any of the services.
  • Father Joseph Betschart, Pontifical North American College: Deacon Kruse has a great pastoral heart. He has a deep and evident love for Jesus Christ, his church and his people. I know how much he is looking forward to coming home and devoting his life to serving the people of Dubuque as a priest and I believe he will do so faithfully, generously and with a heart on fire for Jesus Christ.
  • Father Scott Bullock: Tony impresses me as someone who has done the steadfast work of discerning his vocation.  His willingness to take on challenges in preparing for ordination speaks loudly of a deep motivation — a confidence in his calling and a desire to respond in love by a life of service to God’s people. It is clear to me that good role models of faith in his life — his family, especially that of his father, mother, and stepfather — have made the choice to become a priest a reasonable, attractive, and exciting possibility. I have every reason to believe he will be a powerfully effective priest of Jesus Christ!
  • Msgr. Joseph Hanefeldt, Pontifical North American College: Tony is a joyful presence in our seminary community. He enjoys being with people and is a real catalyst for getting people together. Tony loves all things Iowa and is eager to be back in the Archdiocese of Dubuque, meeting new people and serving them as a priest. As the Scriptures say, “He has come to know and believe in the love God has for us,” and now he is eager to draw others into an experience of God’s love for them as well.
  • Father Phillip Kruse (uncle): Tony is a great young man. He has the charism and gifts to serve our church well. I am very proud of him.
  • Father John O’Connor: Tony will do a great job as a priest. He has been helping in parishes both here and abroad for the last year. During Christmas and Easter, I called on him to help with preaching and ceremonies. He relates very well to people.
  • Tad “Fritz” White (uncle): As my youngest nephew, Tony always caught one’s eye. He was a happy, smiling little red-headed kid. When I taught, he was a great student to have in my eighth-grade math class. He got along well with everyone and had a lot of friends in both grade and high school and yet today. Having a well-rounded personality and real-world experiences will serve him well in ministry.